Department of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing


Form Name


Sole Source


Purchase Order Amendment Request Form  

Purchasing Card

Form Name


Cardholder Agreement Form

State of Maryland Corporate Purchasing Card

Account Maintenance Form


Reviewer Access Form


Updater Access Form


Lost / Stolen Form  

Disputed Items Form


Justification for Assignment of Contract or Grant Account to a Purchasing Card  

Third Party Release Form


Furniture Definition –

List of Items that Must be Purchased through MCE


District of Columbia Tax Exemption Notice



Quick Reference



Request for Missing Receipt Affidavit


Sample Transaction Log



Sample Visa Statement





Small Business Subcontracting - Federal

Form Name


Master Subcontracting Plan



Exhibit I


Federal Self Certification Form



Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Form Name


MBE Attachment 1A Utilization Affidavit
MBE Attachment 1B Waiver Guidance
MBE Attachment 1C Good Faith Waiver Support
MBE Attachment 2 Outreach Efforts Compliance Statement
MBE Attachment 3A MBE Subcontractor Participation Certification
MBE Attachment 3B Prime Project Certification Form
MBE Attachment 4A Prime Contractor Monthly Payment UMCP
MBE Attachment 5 Subcontractor Monthly Payment UMCP

MBE G - MBE Sub Monthly Pmt Report

MBE H - Prime Monthly Pmt Report



Terrapin Trader

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Tax Exempt Forms

Form Name


District of Columbia Tax Exempt Certificate
State of MD Tax Exempt Certificate
University of Maryland College Park Comptroller Notice (October 18, 2011)


Delegated Procurement

Form Name


Consultant Agreement Form with Guidelines
Speaker Agreement

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