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Delegated Procurement Authority Limit Increase

Changes to the USM Procurement Policies and Procedures have increased the delegated procurement threshold for campus to $25,000 (previously set at $5,000). Please note this increase does not pertain to the UMD Purchasing Card or purchases made with sponsored funds, which will continue to remain at $5,000 for the single transaction limit. Purchases of more than $5,000 should be processed by creating an automatic purchase order (APO) in the Kuali Financial System (KFS). Below are a few questions we anticipate receiving regarding this change and the corresponding answers.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the Delegated Procurement Team at or 301-405-5834.



What does the change in delegated authority from $5,000 to $25,000 mean for me?
It is actually pretty simple. Until now, you were able to create purchase orders up to $5,000 without going through Procurement.  This change means that you can now create purchase orders of up to $25,000, with the exception of purchases using federally sponsored funds, without involving Procurement. 

Does this change affect purchases made with sponsored research funds?
No.  Due to Federal guidelines, purchases over $5,000 using sponsored funds (typically ledger 4 and 5 accounts) must be purchased using a competitive process, and therefore must still be performed/processed by Procurement.

There is an easy way to have your requisition routed to Procurement for processing. If you have a preferred vendor, TYPE the vendor name into the Suggested Vendor field rather than selecting the vendor from KFS. Otherwise, leave the Suggested Vendor field on the Vendor tab empty.


Enter a dollar amount on the PO Total Cannot Exceed field on the Additional Institutional Info Tab:


Complete all other fields as you normally would, and submit your request. At the bottom of the form you will see a note that reads “Requisition did not become an APO,” as well as the reason it did not become an APO. This confirms that your requisition will be sent to Procurement after all approvals have been completed.

Does this change mean more work for me?
Not at all.  If you know what you want, who you want to buy from, and if you are spending less than $25,000, your requisition will become an automatic purchase order without any further intervention on your part. Just complete your requisition in KFS as you normally would for less than $5,000 and submit your request.  The requisition will become an APO after all approvals have been completed (i.e. Fiscal Officer, Inventory Control, etc.).

Do I have to include any extra paperwork such as a sole source with my APO under $25,000?
No.  Processing an APO for $25,000 in KFS will follow the same process for creating an order for $5,000.  There is no need for additional documentation, unless your internal department policies or procedures require it. 

Do I have to get multiple quotes before processing my requisition in KFS?
Purchases less than $25,000 are now considered non-competitive small procurement orders, and departments are not required to get competition for purchases up to $25,000.  While competition is not mandatory, it is preferred, and the University encourages departments to contact a minimum of two vendors to compare pricing.

Does this change affect the Purchasing Card?
No.  The Purchasing Card single transaction limit will remain at $5,000. This decision was made by the State of Maryland and no exceptions have been allowed. Purchases over $5,000 will need to be processed as an Automatic Purchase Order (APO) in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

What if the vendor requires me to sign a contract or an agreement with terms and conditions?
Just as you have been doing for purchases under the $5,000 limit send a copy of the contract or terms and conditions to the Delegated Procurement Team by email at  They will review the documents and if there are any problems, they will let you know what needs to be done.  Please allow five business days for reviews to be completed and paperwork to be returned to the department.  In some cases, reviews may take longer than five days if contracts need to be sent to the Office of General Counsel to be reviewed.  We will make every attempt to return agreements sooner, but please plan for the process to take five business days.

What I need to buy is complicated and I really need Procurement’s help, but I am spending less than $25,000.  How can I get assistance?
Not to worry, the Procurement staff is still available to work with you. Please have your requisition routed to Procurement for processing.  The instructions for sending your requisition to Procurement can be found under the question “Does this change affect purchases made with sponsored research funds”.

Who do I contact to assist with changing or to closing a Purchase Order (PO)?
Departments should send a completed copy of the Purchases Order Amendment (POA) form (located at under the Purchasing tab) to the Contract Manager listed on the Purchase Order. The Contract Manager can be found on the Document Overview tab of the PO in the Purchase Order Detail section. If the Contract Manager is listed as “User, Kuali” and there is a Vendor Contracts established, please forward the POA form to the Procurement Specialist assigned to oversee the Vendor Contract.  For PO’s with “User, Kuali” as the Contract Manager and no Vendor Contract established, please forward the form to the Delegated Procurement Team at

Please note, you a welcome to attach a copy of the POA form electronically in KFS to the PO.  However, you will need to notify the appropriate individual in Procurement that the change is being request.  We do not automatically receive a notification of forms uploaded in KFS.


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