Terrapin Trader Forms

Terrapin Trader Property Release Form

This form is also known as the “Trader Form” and the “TT form”. The TT Form is used to identify items deemed surplus property by the owning department. The completed and signed form also authorizes the Terrapin Trader to act on behalf of the owning department to surplus the equipment. Complete the form before contacting the Terrapin Trader to schedule a pick-up. The form must be clearly, concisely and completely filled out and signed by the department head for the Trader to complete the pick-up.

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Terrapin Trader Surplus Property Surplus Property Cleaning Certification Form (Lab Equipment)

This form must be completed and accompany all laboratory equipment and any equipment that may have contained or used with dangerous or hazardous material. The form is to be signed by an individual who has direct knowledge of all reasonable efforts to clean the equipment.

Click here for an Adobe Acrobat version of the Terrapin Trader Surplus Property Surplus Property Cleaning Certification Form.

Disposal of CRT Materials
The Terrapin Trader now charges for the disposal of CRT materials (TV's & Monitors) the cost will be $0.45 per lb. This charge will be billed to the KFS# referenced on the Terrapin Trader Surplus Property Release form.

(SECF) Sensitive Equipment Cleaning Form (Computers or Electronic Storage Devices)

To ensure compliance with federal and state statutes associated with confidential information, such as the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and University software licensing agreements. The Terrapin Trader requires the removal of all data on computers or electronic storage devices* prior to surplusing. The Sensitive Equipment Cleaning Form (SECF) is required to accompany all sensitive equipment that contains personal or University information & software.

Terrapin Trader staff must audit all working computers to verify if software and data files have been removed. If any computer* surplused is found to contain data, the surplusing department will be charged for the audit and special handling costs which equal $100.00 per unit**

*Computer or electronic storage device including but not limited to hard drive, laptop, server, main frame, or handhelds/PDAs, cellphones and copiers.

**If additional labor time and/or expertise from an outside vendor are required to properly prepare equipment for sale or disposal, additional costs will be charged to the surplusing department above the base fee of $100.00.

Click here for an Adobe Acrobat version of the Sensitive Equipment Cleaning Form.

The Trader Forms are also available through Procurement and Supply and may be photocopied.


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