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UMD’s new e-procurement system, Shell Shop, is now live! Over 500 users across campus have been trained and can now place orders in the system.


Procurement and Strategic Sourcing will offer comprehensive training, continued support, and real-time assistance to all campus users. See the Training schedule below, or contact the Shell Shop Team for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions


Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Shell Shop.


Training Overview


Training Format30 Minute Online Tutorial60 Minute In-Person Session75 Minute In-Person Session
Group Size---Groups of 20-25 Department UsersGroups of 20-25 Department Users
RegistrationShoppers will be emailed a link to view the mandatory online tutorial and training materials.Requesters will be emailed a link to register for one mandatory training session.Approvers will be emailed a link to register for one mandatory training session.


Deployment Schedule


16 campus groups and over 500 users have been trained on Shell Shop, in Waves One and Two. Wave Three Training will kick off in April. Click here to view more details on all 4 training waves.


If you have questions regarding training, please contact the Shell Shop Team or 301-314-3776.



Login to Shell Shop


If you’ve already been trained, click below to login to Shell Shop and make a purchase.



Shell Shop is only available to individuals that have completed training. See above for more information about when you can expect to be trained.


Contact Us
Unit Phone # Fax #
Procurement 301-405-5813 301-314-9565




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