The University of Maryland supports the State of Maryland and the Federal Minority and Small Disadvantaged Programs.

University employees are encouraged to utilize these minority, small, and disadvantaged vendors when making purchases with the UM Purchasing Card and establishing UM subcontracts.

•University of Maryland:

    •SBR Flyer to share with companies who may qualify.

   •Campus Department's Role in Meeting SBR

•State of Maryland:

    •The Maryland Small Business Reserve (SBR) system has been integrated into the new eMaryland Marketplace (eMM) effective February 21, 2012. To register in the SBR program, vendors must register in eMM and complete the optional SBR screens.
    •eMaryland Marketplace:

   •For Vendor Instructions, Quick Reference Guides and FAQs: scroll down and click on "New eMaryland Marketplace Instructions"

   •To Register: Scroll down to the bottom and click the "Register" button.



    • Dynamic Small Business Search

    • CCR Search Page

    •Federal Self Certification Form


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