If you are moving a laboratory please see the University of MD Procedures For Vacating A Laboratory.

The Traffic Manager's office maintains transportation agreements with a number of national household moving companies and can assist in coordinating household and laboratory moves in those cases where the University has agreed to pay for the move. The Traffic Manager's office also processes payment of invoices relating to these moves. If you wish to take advantage of this service, please follow these guidelines.

  1. Complete a University of Maryland Requisition for Purchase with authorization signatures (form #PUR 010) and forward it to the Traffic Manager's office. The vendor name should be left blank. Include the FRS# you want charged, Dept. contact information, and under the description field provide the name, address, telephone numbers and E-mail address of the person moving (hereafter called the "Shipper"). Any special instructions should be included, such as requested moving date or additional contact information. Also include any restrictions that the Department wishes to put on the move, such as a maximum dollar amount or whether vehicles are omitted from the move. If a maximum dollar amount is specified, please be aware that your department will be billed for the entire amount and the Shipper will be responsible for reimbursing you. Moving companies do not provide split billing for services.

  2. The Traffic Manager's office will issue bid requests to three moving companies. The bid request will include transportation, packing and unpacking and insurance. The moving companies will contact the Shipper and arrange to do a survey of the move. Shippers are asked to provide the same information to all three of the companies and to include any special needs such as moving the contents of self-storage lockers, attics, offices and laboratories. The moving companies can also arrange for transportation of vehicles and boats.

    The completed estimates are forwarded to the Traffic Manager's office by the moving companies for comparison and awarding of the move.

  3. The Traffic Manager will send a Letter of Authorization to the company with the winning bid and and instruct them to send all bills to the University of Maryland, c/o the Traffic Manager's office for payment against the FRS# provided on the Requisition for Purchase. The moving company will then contact the Shipper and arrange the final details of the move and set a schedule.

    Please allow approximately three weeks for the bid process, especially during peak season (June, July and August).

    Quotes solicited by the Shipper will not be accepted as they do not reflect discounts and services included in the University's transportation agreements.



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